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Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Girl's Big Adventure...

I don't usually blog about too many personal experiences, but...
Today I am making an exception!
My baby girl is on her first big adventure. She's with some dear friends on a vacation in Europe! They will be visiting Paris, Rome and Florence over this week and next.
VERY early this morning I woke up to the phone ringing. It was my daughter, Alanah.
She was calling me from the Louvre Museum in Paris, France! (ok, so that sounds really cool to be able to say that! ha ha)
I was so happy to hear her sweet little voice! She just wanted to check in and let her dad and I know she was doing good and having the time of her life seeing all the sights in Paris and also to let us know she loved us...
This trip was a big step for all of us. As a mama I had a really hard time letting her go, my heart ached after we dropped her off at the airport Friday night, but knew it would be such an amazing experience for a teenage girl.
As much as I miss her and worry about her being sooooo far from home, I cannot wait till she returns from her trip and we get to hear all of her exciting stories and pour over the many photographs documenting her trip.
Before she left I had a chance to capture a few images of her...
Thanks for indulging me everyone!


Katherine said...

I hope she has a safe and good time!

Unknown said...

Wow Cheryl...what a great experience for Alana! I must admit, I'm slightly jealous. :) She will treasure this trip for years to come.

Zimmerwoman said...

Oh Cheryl, I know exactly how you feel! As the Momma, we make ourselves completely responsible for making sure everything is not only perfect with them but perfectly safe as well.
It must have felt like you were the Mamma bird tossing her baby out of the nest then flying away....sigh, I know the feeling all too well.